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MCQ OBG questions and answers pdf Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing Questions and Answers :This MCQ set are based on OBG-Obstetrics and gynecology topics. In This we covered questions are from OBG topics like female reproductive organs, labour process, child birth, newborn, contraception and others . These questions are important questions for various government nursing exams.obstetrics and gynaecology mcqs is online and free to test.

MCQ OBG questions and answers pdf Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing – In this multiple choice questions test of obstetrics and gynaecology have 25 question with answer test your knowledge below :

Obstetrics and Gynecology Quiz -2

Primary feature of cervical cancer include—–?
What is the expected weight gain of antenatal mother during first 20 weeks?
Which of the test is commonly used to find out number of activity and motility of sperm?
When will uterus normally reaches at the level of the xiphisternum?
What you mean by fetal macrosomia ?
Which of the pituitary hormone is to stimulate secretion of the breast milk from mammary gland?
main source of estrogen and progesterone after a 3 months of the pregnancy?
All following are consistent with the diagnosis of the antiphospholipid syndrome except:
At term amniotic fluid volume is
find principal carbohydrate present in Amniotic fluid ?
which of the following condition Oligohydramnios is related ?
Early amniocentesis is done in which period of the pregnancy
Immune rejection of fetus prevented by
what happens to the GFR in the case of Pre-eclampsia ?
Shortest diameter of pelvic Cavity
Large Chorioangioma associated with
Commonest presentation of Choriocarcinoma
Frog eye appearance is seen in
what of the following is seen in the Partial mole
Cervical changes in pregnancy are all except ?
The malignant tumour arising in mesenchymal tissue is known as
find true statement . Affording the moral status to the human embryo/fetus means that it now has the
Find the true statements concerning the anterior pituitary
Which statement about puberty is true?
Which is most appropriate statement of concerning pulmonary embolism?
Obstetrics and Gynecology Quiz -2
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  1. This woman is postmature and labour should be induced as soon as possible. Since the Bishop score appears to be about 7, the best method of induction would be to perform an amniotomy and commence an oxytocin infusion, if contractions are not
    adequate after 2 hours. It is not necessary to insert a Foley catheter as the cervix is
    favourable. Vaginal prostaglandin can also be used to induce labour, but an amniotomy
    can be performed immediately because the cervix is favourable. Vaginal delivery after induction of labour is a better option than a caesarean section, as there
    are no other complications.
  2. Presence of meconium in the liquor indicates the possibility of foetal distress. Foetal distress is best confirmed by detecting foetal acidosis. If facilities for foetal scalp blood sampling are not available, foetal distress is confirmed by the presence of recurrent type 2 decelerations. Foetal bradycardia (< than 110 bpm) and variable decelerations also indicate foetal distress. Type 1 decelerations occur during the late first stage and second stage of labour and do not indicate foetal distress.

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