Nursing responsibilities implications in ECG

Nursing responsibilities implications in ECG: see all contant in pdf below

Nursing responsibilities implications in ECG


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Presence of meconium in the liquor indicates the possibility of foetal distress.
Foetal distress is best confirmed by detecting foetal acidosis. If facilities for
foetal scalp blood sampling are not available, foetal distress is confirmed by
the presence of recurrent type 2 decelerations. Foetal bradycardia (< than 110
bpm) and variable decelerations also indicate foetal distress. Type 1 decelerations
occur during the late first stage and second stage of labour and do not
indicate foetal distress.

Immediate delivery is necessary as there is foetal distress. All the major criteria
required for instrumental delivery are satisfied, (the patient is in the second
stage, the head is fully engaged and is in the direct occipitoanterior position and the
pelvis is adequate). Therefore, it is not necessary to perform a caesarean section
and forceps delivery is faster. Ventouse delivery is best avoided as the foetus is
premature and quick delivery is preferred due to foetal distress. Wrigley’s forceps is
the best option because the head is low. It will also provide additional protection for the head and can be routinely used in cases of prematurity. Neville Barnes
forceps are used if the head is at or just below the ischial spines and is not
indicated for this patient. Delivery may be expedited by bearing down efforts of the
mother, but forceps delivery is faster and protective for the premature head.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

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