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substance related to disorders pdf -Substance use disorder occurs when a person’s use of substance like alchohal or drug leads to health issues and problems at work, school, or at home.

substance related to disorders pdf -Symptoms

Symptoms and behaviors of substance use may include:

Commonly used substances include

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The first step in the management is to stop the oxytocin drip, as this may reverse the
foetal bradycardia, which may be due to excessive uterine contractions caused by
oxytocin. Next oxygen is administered to the mother and a cardiotocograph is
performed. The position of the mother should be changed to relieve cord compression
if present. Vaginal examination is done to determine the stage of labour
in order to decide the mode of delivery, if foetal distress persists after the initial

woman is postmature and labour should be induced as soon as possible.
Since the Bishop score appears to be about 7, the best method of induction would be
to perform an amniotomy and commence an oxytocin infusion, if contractions are not
adequate after 2 hours. It is not necessary to insert a Foley catheter as the cervix is
favourable. Vaginal prostaglandin can also be used to induce labour, but an amniotomy
can be performed immediately because the cervix is favourable. Vaginal delivery after induction of labour is a better option than a caesarean section, as there
are no other complications.

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