Spina Bifida Child Problem






Spina Bifida Child Problem-Spina bifida is a malformation of the spina in which the back segment of the laminae of the vertebrae fails to close. It may happen in almost in any area of the spina however most basic in lumbosacral locale.

It is the most widely recognized developmental deformity of the central nervous system happening in about one of 1000 newborn infant.

The Spina Bifida Child Problem three kinds are:

  1. spinabifida occulta in which the spinalcord and meninges are normal, the deformity being just of the vertebrae,
  1. Meningocele, in which the meninges distend through the opening in the spinal canal.
  1. Meningomylocele, in which both the spinal line and the meninges jut through the imperfection in the hard rings of the spinal canal. Meningomyelocele is the most genuine one.

Spina bifida occulta:

The majority of patients with spina bifida occulta have no manifestations. Some may have a dimple in the skin or development of hair over the malformed vertebra. There is no requirement for treatment except if neurological manifestations indicate that the deformity is greater than was suspected. On the off chance that there is plausibility that the spinal rope may be associated with the imperfection, surgical treatment is indicated.


On examination the newborn infant is found to have a deformity on the spinal section sufficiently large to distend through the opening. Generally their is no proof of weakness of legs, the infant straitens and kicks in normal manner, or if lack of spincter control, Then this is hard to a certain in the newborn. The guess is great if surgical rectification is done on this imperfections. Hydrocephalus an associated finding or may be aggravated after operation for the meningocele.


Right now defectively created section of the spinal rope as well as the meninges, distends through the spina bifida in the lumbosacral locale. There may be a minimal weakness to a total flaccid paralysis of the legs and absence of sensation in the feet.

Operation evacuates a cosmetically unacceptable distortion, forestalls disease and in many instance improves the neurological deficiency since obstacle is expelled from the nerve path ways.

Duties of the nursing staff preoperatively in Meningomyelocele Until the operation is played out then newborn ought to keep flat on his abdomen with sterile pad over sore. No pressure put over meningocele sac.

Brief surgical conclusion of the skin imperfection preferably inside 24 to 48 hours after birth is done to forestall meningeal irritation.

Responsibilities of Nurse post operatively:

• Observing and revealing of all signs and indication of the infant’s condition.

• Temperature, heartbeat, and respiration (vital signs) must be noted as often as possible.

• Symptoms of stun must be noted

• Oxygen must be kept near to bed

• Abdominal distension caused by paralytic illus or expansion of the bladder following most spinal rope medical procedure ought to be accounted for.

• Keep surgical dressing must clean and dry.

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