MEDICAL SURGICAL NURSING CONCEPTS– A nurse who is working in the medical and surgical nursing units, it is important for her/ him to clarify the basic nursing concepts. You may review these concept as given below.

Disease and Pathogenesis

Disease management could be a complicated and difficult enterprise. Not solely square measure new microorganism and coverings perpetually being discovered by effective illness management needs the popularity.Infection follows the invasion of cells or tissues by living microorganisms such As bacteria, viruses, or fungi. These are known as pathogens.Once a infectious agent gains access to a inclined host, a time is aware of because the time period passes before the clinical symptoms of infection seem. throughout this era the organismis establishing itself, spreading to focus on organs or tissues and proliferating at intervals varied areas of the body

An infection may be localized (having a focal point symptoms or injury) or generalized (having systemic involvement) and its course may be acute or chronic.

Asepsis-Medical and Surgical Nursing Concepts

The nurses efforts to minimize the onset and spread infection are based on the principles of aseptic technique, Asepsis is the absence of pathogenic (disease producing microorganism). Aseptic technique refers to practices that keep a client as free form microorganisms as possible. aseptic techniques are two types medical and surgical asepsis.

Medical Asepsis- or clean technique used to reduce and control the spread of microorganisms. Hand washing, using clean gloves to prevent direct contact with blood or body fluids, and cleaning the enviorment routinely are examples of medical asepsis. when an object is contaminated if it is suspected of containing pathogens.Then nurse follows principles, and procedures to forestall infection. throughout daily routine care the nurse uses basic medical antiseptic techniques to interrupt .infection chain. The nurse is chargeable for providing the consumer with a secure atmosphere. The effectiveness .of infection management practices depends on the nurse’s conscientiousness and consistency in victimisation effective antiseptic technique. it’s straightforward to forget Key procedural steps or once headlong, to require shortcuts that break antiseptic procedures. However, the nurse’s Failure to be Meticulous can place the consumer in danger for Associate in Nursing infection that may seriously impair recovery or Iead to death.

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Cleaning is removal of all foreign material, such as soil or organic material. Generally, cleaning involves use of water and mechanical action with or without detergents when an object, e.g., glove, comes in contact with infections content, it is usually discarded unless hospital policies and procedures are there for reprocessing the object. Reusable things always cleaned properly before reuse them.

Control or Elimination of Infectious Agents

Proper cleansing, disinfection, and sterilization of contaminated objects significantly reduce and often eliminate microorganisms. In hospitals C.S.S.D. disinfects and sterilizes reusable objects/supplies.

Disinfection and Sterilization

Disinfection refers to a method that eliminates several or all microorganisms, with the exception of microorganism spores. samples of disinfectants ar alcohols, chlorines, phenols, etc. Sterilization is that the complete elimination or destruction of all microorganisms, as well as spores, steam besieged, ETO (ethylene chemical compound gas) ar the foremost common sterilizing agents. Nurses ought to be accustomed to hospital policy and procedures for cleansing, handling and delivering things for ultimate medical aid and sterilization

Hand Washing or Laundry

The most necessary techniques in preventing and dominant transmission of infections is hand laundry. Hand laundry may be a vigorous, rubbing along of all surfaces of the hand lathered in soap, followed by remotion below a stream of water. the aim is to get rid of soil and transient organisms from the hands and to scale back total microbic count over time. Contaminated hands square measure a primary reason behind cross-infection. Plain soap with water may be used for general hand laundry,’but if it’s necessary to kill or inhibit microorganisms, like in a very surgery, antiseptic agents ought to be used.

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