Salient Features and Principles of Ayurveda






Salient Features and Principles of AyurvedaThe Salient Features of Ayurveda/Doctrine of Ayurveda

Remarkable Features and Principles of Ayurveda–The Salient Features of Ayurveda/Doctrine of Ayurveda .Ayurveda is still today a living science since a huge number of individuals in India are being treated by this arrangement of medication. Let us view the remarkable highlights of Ayurveda.

The whole subject of Ayurvedic medication was isolated into eight principle field and the study of Ayurveda was accordingly known as the “eight limbed” ‘Asthanga Ayurveda’.

The eight branches are:

1) Kayachikitsa-Internal medication which included standards of physiology and pathology.

2) Shalyachikitsa or Surgery including Anaomy.

3) Shalakyachikitsa or eye, ear, nose and throat infections.

4) Kaumarabhritya or Paediastics ,obstetrics and embriology.

5) Bhutavidya or Demonology which incorporate psychotherapy and examination of dreams.

6) Agada Tantra or Toxicology.

7) Rasayana or Rejuvenation regarding geriatrics.

8) Vajikarna a varification and utilization of aphrodisiacs.

The Ayurvedic hypothesis of Tridosa or Tridhatu meaning three components or humors in particular Vayu or Vata (wind), pitta (bile); and Kalpa (bodily fluid) on which entire physiology and Pathology was based. Tridosa hypothesis and sicknesses, in view of unsettling influences in the balance of three humors. The character of an individual would rely upon the over three humors.

Salient Features and Principles of Ayurveda – The Principles of Ayurveda

Preventive, promotive and therapeudic parts of medication are significant pieces of Ayurveda. Subsequently these standards of social insurance are known as everlasting and establish the genuine commitment of Ayurveda to essential wellbeing care.The standards of Ayurvedic Medicine are:

I) Swastha vritta – (Personal cleanliness) containing – Dincharya – (daily practice, cleaning of tongue, shower, eyes and so forth.). Vyama – Physical exercise.

ii) Rasayana – Special utilization of medications to forestall maturing and give life span, to develope insusceptibility against illnesses, to improve intellectual capacities, to add imperativeness and lusture to the body.

The Rasayana herbs are – Amla, Pippli ,Maggan, Shatavari,Shankhpnshri Brahmi, Lauha ,Swrna, Amalaka Churna ,Trifala Churna and others.

iii) Practice of Yoga

Conclusion and Treatment

Ayurveda recommends two kinds of assessments for example of the patient (Rogi Pariksha) and of the illness (Roga Pariksha). Treatment of sickness comprises in maintaining a strategic distance from the causative variables, in exhorting medication, reasonable eating routine, movement and routine which will reestablish the decent condition of the body. Treatment is grouped into two:

a) Shamana Therapy: Elimination of vitiated doshas for example digestives, production of yearning or thirst, exerise, the sun beams and exposnre to the Sun.

b) Shodhana Therapy: It is by emesis, purgation, bowel purges and phlebotomy. Yoga and its particular practices for explicit medical issues likewise falls under the teaching of Ayurveda.

Uses of Ayurvedic Medicine

The drugs are generally gathered from plants and their underlying foundations which are normal in character and are not hurtful and has no reaction. Numerous regular just as some basic maladies can without much of a stretch be relieved by the use of these drugs. They are called ‘Vesaja’ as on the grounds that they are gathered from the juice of leaves and underlying foundations of specific plants, creepers and so on. Despite the fact that the procedure are not simple yet they are being set up in a befitting way. Dairy animals ghee, nectar, tarmaric, Tulsi and so on are utilized in such medications. Before the appearance of British the Ayurvedic prescriptions were the fundamental wellsprings of the average citizens of India,even the individuals of antiquated India never utilize the cutting edge medication due to orthodoxi. Point by point of such meds can be gathered from the compositions of ‘Charaka’ who has been respected the ace of all Ayurvedic Medicine. He had the option to fix the basic ailments like disease which till now current science couldn’t find. The treatment achievement needs confirm based research.

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Salient Features and Principles of Ayurveda

Salient Features and Principles of Ayurveda-The Salient Features of Ayurveda/Doctrine of Ayurveda Remarkable Features and Principles of Ayurveda–The Salient Features of Ayurveda/Doctrine of Ayurveda .Ayurveda...

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