Storage and Maintenance of Drugs

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Introduction -Storage and Maintenance of Drugs

The drugs which are supplied to the ward are stored in drug racks to provide a continuous supply of medicines to the patients. The drugs are stored in containers, boxes and on racks or shelves, etc. Always ensure that stored drugs remain preserved during their time of storage. There should not be any damage due to the high temperature. The drugs are to be stored as per the prescribed standard conditions of their storage. The medications stored in a drugstore be arranged in such a way that they are easily available and traceable as and when required. For easily traceable and available drugs you manage as following methods

  1. According to the pharmacological action
  2. Alphabetically

Drug Storage

Storage and Maintenance of Drugs mainly following these methods and conditions :

Proper Drug Storage

Drugs are stored in a specially designed and secure place of a building in order to Avoid following

  • Contamination or deterioration
  • Disfiguration of labels
  • Maintain the integrity of packaging and quality of drugs during shelf life
  • Prevent or reduce pilferage, theft, or loses
  • Prevent infestation of pests and vermin

The Drug storage should have proper space for the movement of medicians’ stocks and handling. Drugs are to be stored in a such manner that prevents damage due to excessive vertical stacking heights and not to exceed stacks. Store the drug products as per standard operating conditions to prevent deterioration of the finished product in storage. Also, Monitor and record the temperature of the storage area on a daily basis

Storage Environment

In the Storage and Maintenance of Drugs storage environment is also a mandatory parameter. The storage environment should have the following:

  • Acceptable temperature
  • Adequate lighting
  • Hygienic conditions
  • Humidity control
  • Cold storage structures
  • Good shelving to ensure the integrity of the stored drugs

What types of containers used for the Storage and Maintenance of drugs?

Drugs are to be stored under circumstances that prevent contamination and as far as possible deterioration. well-closed container precautions are to be taken in relation to the effects of the atmosphere, moisture, heat, and light .protected from moisture means that the product is to be stored in an airtight container.

Protected from light

protected from light the drugs are to be stored either in a container made of material that soaks actinic light adequately to protect the drugs from change induced by such light.

Temperature Ranges for Storage and Maintenance of Drugs

In a deep freeze-15 degree celcius
In a refrigerator-2 to 8 degree celcius Cold or cool = -8 to 15 degree celcius
Room temperature15 to 25 degree celcius Storage Premises

The space used for storage of IV fluids should have good space to prevent exposure to direct daylight. Secure area availability for damaged defected and expired drugs.

Pest Contol

Ensure a good pest control program is in a drug storage location and shall be carried out at a minimum frequency of a year. The pest control shall cover treatment for termites and rodents

The Storeroom

A well-organized store helps easy identification of drugs and saves time when selecting a drug from the shelves This helps remove drugs fast and makes for easy inventory control

The Dispensary

Clean after each use tablet counters and place within easy reach on the table . Avoid dispensing incorrect drugs by arranging drugs on the table in alphabetical order so that the medication being dispensed is not confused with another. Always ensure to close drug containers from which drugs are not being dispensed to prevent spillage or dispensing of the wrong drug.

Drug Expiry

Drug Expiry is also important in Storage and Maintenance of Drugs .

The shelf life of drugs means

The shelf life of drugs means is the time when a given product stored under appropriate conditions, is expected to remain stable.

Essential drugs meaning

Essential drugs meaning is drugs that satisfy the healthcare needs of the majority of the residents. Essential drugs should therefore available at all times in adequate amounts and in proper dosage forms.

Expiry Dates

Drugs must not be used beyond their expiry dates. All medical equipment, dressings, and solutions used during invasive procedures must be sterile. Single-use devices are meant for single-use only and must not be re-used.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

Name -Parika Parika holds a Master's in Nursing and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing. In addition to her clinical experience, Parika has also served as a nursing instructor for the past 10 years, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for the nursing profession.

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