a) Admission and Discharge of Medico-Legal Cases (MLC)

While providing nursing care in any Medico-Legal Case, as an attendant you should deal with the following zones:

● After receiving the patient in OPD, quickly inform the doctor.

● All the OPD records, affirmation cards, and different records of patient ought to be held safely secured.

● No records of patient ought to be appeared to any other individual than the doctor looking after the patient.

● All the belongings of the patient ought to be held under safe custory.

● If family members or police need to take the belongings of patient, the earlier consent of doctor is significant. Portrayal of the belonging ought to be composed. Relationship with the patient, mark and thumb impression ought to be obtained from the individual collecting the belongings.

● Body release of the patient ought not be tossed until affirmed by the doctor. Exact recording of body release, its amount, shading and consistency ought to be maintained.

● Don’t demolish/dispose of any proof without discussing with doctor.

● Take assent of relative or patient (if understanding is cognizant) for any kind of system/treatment.

● Allow the comparative with be with the patient on solicitation of patient.

● Avoid answering enquiries to an insurance operator.

● The state of patient ought to be accounted for verbally as it were.

● It isn’t mandatory with respect to medical caretaker to give information to the cop, to the press correspondent or any operator of people in general. If there should be an occurrence of any trouble s/he may inform the prompt more significant position authority.


  • On the off chance that patient is moved starting with one ward then onto the next, or to some other medical clinic, it ought to be unmistakably entered and marked.
  • No records ought to be handed over to police. Whenever required, doctor attending the patient should give in writing to Nurse.
  • Name and address of the relative ought to be composed obviously previously allowing the patient to leave the emergency clinic.
  • Doctor must inform the release of patient to Chief Medical Officer (CMO).
  • Release notes ought to be held carefully guarded, until handed over to the division concerned.

In Case of Death of Patient

  • On the off chance that passing happens in the medical clinic, Physician on the job must inform the CMO and retain the body for posthumous examination according to emergency clinic arrangement.
  • Attendant must get composed instruction from the clinical official for handing over the body to funeral home/relative/cop with:

– complete name and mark

– complete location of the individual from morgue/relative/cop

– recognizable proof number

– mark of witness

  • Rundown of all articles of patient ought to be made in triplicate while handing over the body.
  • Maintain the protection of the dead body while attending last workplaces or care of the dead.
  • All the articles ought to be arranged off, in the wake of making list and with endorsement of clinical official.

Job of Nurse in Admission and Discharge of Mentally Ill Patients

According to the Indian Mental Health Act, 1987 (which is an alteration of the Indian Lunacy Act, 1912) “Intellectually sick patient gets conceded on a deliberate premise (with the exception of a minor). Following 24 hours, a board ought to choose regarding continuation of treatment or release of the patient”.

Affirmations can be made under unique condition where patient is brought by relative, companion or neighbor. Application structure for affirmation is joined by report of two clinical officials out of which one ought to be in taxpayer supported organization.

Discharging a Patient with Mental Illness

As a medical attendant you should recollect that:

  • Deliberately conceded patient may request release and therapist/clinical official working will make release slip.
  • Check the mark of the patient and family members/witness.

Note the location of patient on release.

Release of Patient in Other Conditions

In the following content you will find out about a portion of the following conditions wherein legal implications are involved.

Lama (Left Against Medical Advice).

Parole (Mentally sick patient returns home on leave).

Absconding (Patient flees from the medical clinic without informing any one).

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