Method of Lifting and Moving a Patient

Method of Lifting and Moving a Patient- Body Mechanics: is a effort, coordinated, and safe utilization of the body to deliver movement and maintain balance during activity
• An individual maintains balance as long as the line of gravity passes through the center of the body and the base support help.
Line of gravity: Line of gravity: an imaginary vertical line drawn through an item’s center of gravity.

  • where all of the mass of an article is centered
  • Base of support: the foundation on which an article rests Principles
  • Balance is maintained and muscle strain is avoided as long as the line of gravity passes through the base of support
  • The more extensive the base of support and the lower the center of gravity, the greater the stability
  • Objects that are near the center of gravity are moved with the least effort.

Purpose of Proper Body Mechanics

• Promotes body musculoskeletal working

• Reduces the vitality required to move and maintain balance

• Reduce fatigue and decreases the danger of injury • Facilitates safe and effective utilization of appropriate gatherings of muscles The center of gravity of an all around aligned standing adult is located somewhat anterior to the upper part of the sacrum.

Standing position posture: is unstable because of a narrow base support, a high center of gravity and a constantly shifting line of gravity.

Person resting in a chair or bed

o The nearness of the chair gives more extensive base of support

o The center of gravity is lower

o The line of gravity is less portable in this way; an individual has greater stability and balance in a sitting or lying position than a standing position.
Method of Lifting and Moving a Patient Purpose:

o To increase muscle quality and social portability

o To forestall some potential issues of stability

o To stimulate circulation

o To increase the patient feeling of autonomy and confidence

o To assist a patient who is unable and move without anyone else

o To forestall fatigue and injury

o To maintain great body alignment Ensure that the customer is appropriately dressed to walk and wears shoes or shoes with non-slip. Legitimate attire and footwear forestall chilling and falling.

• If a customer starts to encounter the sign and side effects of orthostatic hypotension or outrageous weakness. Quickly assist the customer into a near by chair or other chair and help him/her to lower the notice between the knees. Facilitates blood stream to the brain. If a chair isn’t near to assist the customer to a horizontal position on the floor before fainting happens

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

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