Food Therapy-Can Food Cure Disease

Food Therapy-Can Food Cure Disease – Food just as supplements in restorative structure (oils, syrups, containers, tablets) are utilized in the treatment of diseases as we referenced before.

It is valuable to take note of that diseases can be of three sorts:

1) Diseases or scatters brought about by supplement lack.

2) Diseases which have a few causes some of which are food and supplement related.

3) Diseases which have no immediate food or supplement related reason.

Giving foods and supplements in concentrated structure is viable therapy for those diseases we have referenced in the main kind. Food and diet assumes a significant job on account of these scatters.

Food Therapy-Can Food Cure Disease– Diseases in the subsequent sort incorporate diabetes and coronary illness (CHD). Utilization of exorbitant measures of sugar and refined carbohydrtes can hasten diabetes in people who are now hereditarily inclined. Thus, utilization of diets containing unnecessary measures of fats (especially) immersed fats and cholesterol) is accepted to be a reason for affidavit of fat in the veins (conduits) prompting narrowing of the vessels additionally called atheroselerosis a significant reason for cardiorascular and coronary illness. On account of these diseases diet can’t cure the disease. It can just assist with checking the advancement of the disease procedure and furthermore forestall intricacies. Diet therapy, subsequently, causes patients to have a full existence. Without it, the disease can get wild, regardless of whether the patient is likewise recommended drugs or not. Indeed gentle cases can be constrained by diet alone .

Food Therapy-Can Food Cure Disease–DIET THERAPY HELPS TO

Cure healthful Control diseases Retard the procedure Deficiencies with a dietary reason for difficulties


Irresistible diseases are genuine instances of the third class. A portion of these might be transmitted through food. Be that as it may, food isn’t the immediate reason. Treatment of these diseases as a rule do incorporate a more prominent or lesser level of diet therapy. For instance, a febrile irresistible (disease related with fever, as you most likely are aware) would require giving the patient extra vitality and protein-rich foods in a reasonable structure. This would rely upon whether the fever is ceaseless as on account of tuberculosis or intense as in typhoids. Here, we will just underline that an appropriate eating regimen is significant in helping the individual to recoup from irresistible diseases.


Some fascinating discoveries about the historical backdrop of diet therapy is given underneath.

Would food be able to Cure Disease? Standards and Definitions

From old occasions we, in India, have blessed food with supernatural characteristics. In the Vedic occasions, food was related with divine traits. This convention was common in different social orders too – old Egypt for instance. How about we show this point. Powerlessness to see in diminish light is an early side effect of nutrient An inadequacy. This is additionally called night visual deficiency and was an all around perceived disease in antiquated Egypt. The cure proposed was to apply topically to the eyes juice sqeezed from cooked liver! The antiquated Greeks prescribed that the patient eat cooked liver notwithstanding applying cooked liver oil or squeeze to the eye.

This is a genuine case of how man found the recuperating forces of food maybe at first coincidentally. Later these examples turned out to be entrenched and were depicted in clinical writings. The amazing certainty is their demonstrated an incentive in treating issue basically brought about by absence of food and supplements. Another emotional scene as man continued looking for a cure is the tale of scurvy. Scurvy is brought about by nutrient C lack. It was discovered that new herbs, lemons, oranges and different citrus organic products were successful in forestalling and controlling scurvy.

These scenes throughout the entire existence of man’s fight against disease, obviously outline the way that food can cure specific sorts of diseases. It is very obvious, in any case, that the diseases which can be cured by food or supplement concentrates are brought about by inadequacy of specific supplements. The scatters are cured by giving rich sourses of these foods which in any case are deficient in the eating regimen. This doesn’t let us know, be that as it may, that food and the supplements it contains can cure all diseases. There is no uncertainty that food can assist with controlling a few afflictions.

Diabetes is a typical model. Mellow instances of diabetes found in moderately aged people can as a rule be constrained by reasonable adjustment of the eating regimen itself. This can likewise limit the difficulties of diabetes.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

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