Process and methods of Data Collection in Nursing

Process and methods of Data Collection in Nursing-Data collection includes aggregation of extensive information about the customer on initial appraisal. The initial appraisal gives baseline data. The data involves information about customer’s medical issue, explicit elements that add to the issue. The customer has wellbeing problem(s) with which s/he gets conceded and may likewise build up extra issue during her/his stay in the clinic as a result of the course of ailment, and the treatment modalities. As is delineated in appraisal is an ongoing process. The evaluation during different stages permits the medical caretaker to contrast the initial information with consequent data to bring about change in determination and plan of care, assuming any.

The gathering of information about the customer’s prosperity status includes:

  • qualities just as shortcomings of patient, l reaction of patient to his Health concerns,
  • investigation of the conditions related with patient’s prosperity status, l information identified with wellbeing and prosperity,
  • convictions and qualities about wellbeing,
  • way of life,
  • Health related objectives, and l emotionally supportive network.

The medical caretaker sees the customer overall individual and perspectives nursing as cooperative with other social insurance professions and suppliers.

Types of Process and methods of Data Collection in Nursing

Data gathered by the medical caretaker is

  • Subjective
  • Objective


  • Historical
  • Current

Subjective data

Subjective data includes customer’s depiction of his own wellbeing status, probleme.g., feeling, portrayal of pain, shortcoming, queasiness. The data are not recognizable and are hard to quantify objectivity. This data likewise include information provided by customer’s relatives, companions, different individuals from the wellbeing group.

Objective data

Objective data  are generally the one that is obtained through faculties — sight, smell,hearing, contact and during the physical examination of the customer. Target data are detectable and quantifiable. For instance, pace of heartbeat, weight, B.P., nearness of oedema, Head to foot examination, and so forth. The data gathered by medical attendant can be chronicled data and/or current data.

The data may be classified as historical and current data.

Historical data

Historical data has information identified with the occasions that have happened before thepresent. The occasion may be past hospitalization, nearness of ceaseless infection, example of solid discharge before, youth ailment in a grown-up tolerant.

Current data

Current data allude to the occasions that are occurring at present e.g., pain, vomiting,inability to pass urine, present sickness.

It is constantly important to approve emotional with target data, verifiable with current data for example abstract data of feeling of pain is approved by target findings of whiteness, increased sweating and hypotension. Correspondingly, chronicled data e.g., passing stool once consistently and entrails not moved for two days (current) may initiate a technique to assist tolerant with moving his guts. Yet, when proved with authentic data the customer may inform that development of gut on each alteranate day is his routine at home. In this way the information obtained before gets invalid. In this manner, approval of the data is vital before planning care.

To finish the data a wide range of data ought to be gathered.

Check Your Progress -Process and methods of Data Collection in Nursing

Sources of Data

 Data StatementObjectiveSubjective
a)“I feel tired today”  
b)“She seems nervous”  
c)Dirt under nails  
d)Respiratory rate 24 per minute  
e)Absent bowel sounds  
f)Injury mark on right cheek  
g)Pain in knee joint  
h)Respiratory stidor present  
 Data StatementHistoricalCurrent
a)Warm dry skin  
b)No prior surgery  
c)Smoked 20 cigarettes a day  
d)One episode of acute abdominal  
 pain 3 months back  
e)Weight 4 kg.  
f)“I am allergic to egg”  
g)Temperature 38.5º C  
h)Hospitalised with head injury  
 about one year back  

Process and methods of Data Collection in Nursing next is Types of Data Collection

Types of Data Collection

Data are collected from two sources primary and secondary.


The customer is the main essential source to gather abstract data. The customer isn’t just ready to give individual information identified with wellbeing and disease recognize objectives or issues yet can likewise assist with evaluating the resulting periods of nursing process.


Sources other than the customer used to gather information are auxiliary sources. These sources are utilized for extra information and in circumstances when customer can’t give history e.g., an oblivious customer. The auxiliary sources include customer’s relatives, companions, family members, partners, individuals in the customer’s prompt medical clinic condition e.g., other customer’s guests, and different individuals from the wellbeing group. Clinical records are likewise auxiliary sources to give information about the customer. This information likewise identifies with symptomatic tests, research center and radiological findings. The information recorded by other wellbeing colleagues.

Attendant must exercise restraint to get information about which the customer may jump at the chance to keep quietness e.g., drinking conduct, sexual existence of customer. An endeavor to obtain such information security of the customer can be maintained and using her (nurse‘s) interpersonal abilities prudently such delicate information ought to be obtained.

Process and methods of Data Collection in Nursing next is Methods of Data Collection

Methods of Data Collection

The three significant methods used to accumulate information are interview, perception and physical examination. The data accumulated assists with making nursing finding and plan of care.


The customer interview is directed to accumulate explicit information about the customer.

The reasons for interview in this period of appraisal are:

  • To gather explicit information required for determination and planning.
  • To set up a trusting attendant customer relationship.
  • The permit the customer to partake in ID of issues and objective setting.
  • The help medical caretaker to determine regions for explicit investigation during the process of evaluation.
  • To help medical caretaker to gain insight into customer’s capacity to work, seriousness of his sickness and his conduct.

Observation / Perception

Perception is a strategy for data collection through the cognizant utilization of faculties — sight, smell, hearing and feeling (contact).

Perception is an aptitude that requires practice. Using detects the medical caretaker gathers data about customer, his family and his condition. Through perception, medical caretaker can likewise understand the interaction between the customer and the earth. Every perception finding requires further investigation to affirm the impression.

Physical Examination

Considerable data are likewise obtained by physical examination of the customer.

Medical caretaker utilizes physical examination with the following purposes:

  • To define the customer’s reaction to the ailment process.
  • To set up baseline data to assess the nursing interventions.
  • To think about the proficiency of clinical and nursing interventions.
  • To validate abstract data obtained during interview and other medical attendant customer interation.

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Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional medical advice.

Name -Parika Parika holds a Master's in Nursing and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Nursing. In addition to her clinical experience, Parika has also served as a nursing instructor for the past 10 years, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for the nursing profession.


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